Trump through a Turkish Lens

May 15, 2016

(Note: this is an excerpt from another post)
In a very indirect and convoluted way, I sometimes see (depends on the night) the Trump phenomenon somewhat in terms of Turkish politics in the 90s. That decade there were a number of left-right coalitions in Turkey, a situation that was partially the result of the fact that the two center-right leaders hated each other's guts, as did the leaders of the two center-left parties. In these coalitions, which took place between 1991 and 1999, the right wing parties were generally larger and played a more significant role in shaping the political agenda of the government. 

More and more Americans feeling Trumptilian  

News and Propaganda: Snowy Summer Fun Edition

Sunday, May 15, 2016

It's been a while since we've had an N & P, but I couldn't help doing so this week amid all of time that I seem to have now. 

Hang on a second, something seems somehow different these days? What is it? Oh wait--now I remember: school's out.

Things change in Bozeman pretty quickly in the wake of graduation and the end of the school year. There's still a fair bit going on downtown, but the area around the university (which is on  the opposite side of a large residential area) is so quiet these days. There's hardly any traffic, so the biking is a lot easier. That is, it's a lot easier to bike these days so long as you're not pedaling in the midst of a snowstorm.