So watcha want? Choices re Syria

Sunday, September 15

Now that the US and Russia have reached an agreement to destroy Syria's chemical weapons stocks, the Obama administration needs to take this opportunity to figure out what it really wants in Syria. 

A while ago I posted a set of ten questions that I'd like to hear the Obama administration answer. There was particular love for #9, which was nice to see.

But the big question facing the Obama administration right now is: should the goal in Syria be regime change or ending the conflict?

Obama & Co. seem unsure on this point, and it is for this reason that policy towards Syria has been, to put it charitably, somewhat less than coherent. So far, regime change appears to have been the goal, but the administration doesn't give the impression of having a clear idea about what Syria should ultimately look like (question #2 from last week). More than anything, administration's sabre-rattling seems to have thus far been mainly about 'maintaining credibility.'

10 Questions regarding Syria

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The following are some questions I hope congressional leaders ask the Obama administration regarding Syria: 

1. Wait--why is this a good idea again?

    This question always seems worth asking, especially when someone is     trying to convince you that we suddenly need to go to war. 

2. What, if any, idea do you have regarding how you want Syria to 
     look when this conflict is over?

If the Assad regime falls, there is potential for Syria breaking apart. 
      Does the Obama administration view the current borders of Syria as         sacred? What about the Kurdish region of northern Syria?