Turkey Week coming to Montana State

Thursday, November 11, 2010 

Guess what, everybody--Turkey week is coming to Bozeman!

Yes, it's true: for one glorious week, this university will be spangled and bedangled with all things Turkish.

In previous years MSU's Office of International Programs would devote a week every Fall semester to the principle of international study more generally. Starting a couple of years ago, however, the OIP decided instead to focus upon just one country each year.

And this year, that country is Turkey!

So all sorts of exciting things are taking place. As you can tell from the list of events below, there will be plenty of food, frolicking, fanfare, and fun for everybody. There will also be several speakers, including Stephen Kinzer and myself.

The choice to focus on Turkey is in some ways a natural for MSU. In recent years, the school has done a lot to promote exchange programs with Turkish universities. This year, there are approximately 40 Turkish undergrads studying here as part of joint-degree programs between MSU, Istanbul Technical University, and Selcuk University in Konya.

All in all, it should be a pretty good show. Almost all of the events are free and open to the public, so anyone in the neighborhood is encouraged to stop by.