A very borderlandy Christmas

Monday, December 27, 2010

I hope all Borderheads are having an enjoyable end-of-year! All is well here in the Bozone! Last week I took some pictures around town, and over the weekend there was plenty of festive Christmas skiing at Bridger Bowl! Here are some of the shots:

Putting the "tac" in holiday spectacular
Baxter Hotel--downtown Bozeman

Who sez this is a one-horse town?  
Bike path near Rasheed Wallace Avenue



I think Boo Radley lives up in the the turret



On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I went skiing at Bridger Bowl, Bozeman's local ski hill. My brother's family was visiting from Minnesota, and we spent the weekend skiing together:



All in all, it was a nice way to spend the weekend, and in the process some new Christmas traditions may well have been created. For now, I'm trying to get ready for my upcoming cross-continental trek to Washington DC, which begins next Monday with the start of what I anticipate will be a 3-day drive to Michigan.
But before I start that, I'll get at least a couple more days of skiing in--New Year's is going to be spent at Big Sky!
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