Ne zaman? Bo-zaman! Photos from Bozeman

Monday, June 4, 2012

Up here at the Borderlands Lodge, the weather is still gorgeous. This is the latest I've stayed in Bozeman during the summer. It's a damn shame I haven't spent more of the warm-weather part of the year here because I live in an incredibly gorgeous part of the world. But it's not always ideal for someone working on the Russian-Turkic borderlands to get away in the winter--especially if you want to work someplace like Georgia or the Crimea, where it's not only cold but also very dark in the archives and everywhere else.

Anyway, May has been spent mostly writing. It's been great, actually. I write all day, then bike in the afternoon. In the evening it's cold. Even in the daytime, I see snow on the mountains. Not too long ago, it was still snowing in town. And even last week the weather was wintry, to some extent. Now it's warm in the daytime, but crisp at night.

Here are some photos from the past week or so. More can be found in the Lounge...

Montana Hall
Sunset in the Bozone

Billion automotive dealership
Take another taste of the Bozone



Gerald R. Ford Memorial

That's all for now from the Borderlands Lodge. More shots, as always, in the Lounge. (..)  

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