Autumn at the Borderlands Lodge...

Monday, October 27, 2014

Well folks, these have been pretty busy and exciting times up here at the Borderlands Lodge. My book, Turks Across Empires, is apparently going into production this week, which is very exciting, and is supposed to begin shipping within the next few weeks. Those of you with academic affiliations: get your library to buy the book! Once the hardcover copies have been sold out, TAE will hopefully go into paperback and presumably be much less expensive.

Calling all Turks across empires! 

I've also been pretty busy with my tenure file, although that process is thankfully out of my hands now. What I've mainly been busy with these days has been playing catch-up--trying to take care of all of things that I promised I do over the past six months while I was finishing my book and organizing things for tenure. 

This being Montana, however, I've also been spending a lot of time outside. The hiking has been really great this fall as there's been very little rain and the weather has generally been tremendous. 

Here are some of the shots that I've been taking on trips through Montana lately: 

Rainbow over the Canyon falls, Yellowstone Park

Bear trap canyon and the Madison River

Driving around Yellowstone again...

Driving west of Yellowstone

A beautiful day driving west of Yellowstone

Hiking the Windy Pass, down toward Big Sky

A lot of wind passing at the Windy Pass

Descending from the pass of wind...

There's also lots of stuff going on, as usual, in the Eurasian borderlands, and not only in the Borderlands Lodge. If I get the chance in the coming days, I'll try to post something up here about those developments as well.

Like the Borderlands? You'll love the book! Order your copy now at the OUP website.   

More links, commentary and photographs available poolside at the Borderlands Lounge

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