From Ufa V

August 8, 2008
It's rainy and cold again here. Actually, it's kind of nice at night--with the temperatures dipping into the low fifties--to sleep with the windows open and listen to the rain while a cool breeze blows into the apartment. I've been sleeping really well, although that also might be due to the fact that I've been working twelve hours a day. Last night I didn't call it quits until after three, and I was up again at eleven today working some more.

Rainy days in Ufa just won't go away

By the time I post this message, all of the photos from the 2008-2009 album should be working. Feeling inspired by the fact that I'm finally able to post photos again, I went through and fixed some of the problems in my other albums--especially photos in the Crimean, Russian, and Turkish albums which wouldn't expand when clicked on, or which wouldn't expand into a new window. Once I finish the article I'm working on, I also hope to organize the last two albums from my scanned photos, which are still just a mess of shots that haven't been put into order or properly captioned.
Anyway, I'm about to sit down to lunch but hopefully I'll have a chance to hit the Post Office later today in order to update the site. If you see this message, that means I'll have done it.

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