Bozeman-DC Trek III

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I made it to Ann Arbor today, and in record time! It took me just three days total, two days less than it took me to drive out to Bozeman from Ann Arbor two years ago (of course, MSU was covering the expenses back then).

The scenery today, from Davenport, Iowa to Ann Arbor, was not nearly as spectacular as that from the first two days of travel. 

Crossing the Mississippi

All in all, it was a nice drive. The only excitement came when I got stopped for speeding just inside the Illinois border. So now, apparently, going 80 mph is a crime or something--a far cry from the unpoliced roadways and wide-open spaces further west. Anyway, I caught a break and got off with a warning. Apparently, the officer who stopped me is a big fan of the Borderlands--happens all the time.

I went as quickly as possible through NE Indiana and SW Michigan, then cruised down I-94 and into Ann Arbor by 5 pm. It was great seeing the sign telling me I was entering Washtenaw County--the WC!--and being able to listen to WEMU on the car radio.

I'll spend the next several days in Ann Arbor taking a little vacation, and then will continue my trek to DC towards the end of next week.

For now, it's time to get a little rest.

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