Bozeman-DC Trek

Monday, January 3, 2011

I began my drive out to DC today. For now, I'm heading to Ann Arbor, where I'll spend a late Christmas with some parts of my family. After a few days, I'll head to DC.

I move a lot (until this year, I hadn't spent two consecutive years in the same abode since 98-99, and even now I'm traveling mid-year), but I always fret and sweat the details when I move. As crazy as this might sound, I've really become attached to my apartment in Bozeman. I love it--it's filled with light all day, I have a great view of the Bridgers, a concrete porch with a grill on it, and my own bar. What's not to like?

Nevertheless, I'm excited about the change of pace DC should offer. But that doesn't mean moving still isn't stressful.

I decided to drive to DC rather than fly for a number of reasons. For one thing, the work that I do requires a shelf-ful of dictionaries--one suitcase of mine is devoted only to books. But also I'll be in DC from winter through summer, so I'll need a change of clothes. And records (only 50 or so, but I suspect there are some record stores in DC), and a record player.

So I move a lot, but I try to move in style.

Is there some way I can write off these travel expenses?

Anyway, I have too much stuff to fly with, and in any case I'm not sure which month I'll be going back to Bozeman so flying didn't seem to make sense. I'll probably end up buying a car over the summer and driving back to Montana with my stuff then.

Stuff--I'm attached to it. I have more stuff than ever, but still a lot less than most people. And frankly, I think that stuff like records and books and a few important relics are worth carting around.

The part of the country I live in is simply amazing. Here are some shots I took today while driving to Rapid City, SD.

I had to pick up a rental car at the airport this morning, then drive it back to town to pack up. Fortunately, the airport is only 15 minutes away. This is a shot of the Spanish Peaks on my way back into town. 
So long Bridgers!



So long, Bozeman!

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